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Chris Sharma
Sector Uhren

Sport, accuracy, performance and innovation have always been part of Sector`s DNA: a unique combination which makes a watch different from another, but at the same time encloses a deep passion for the world of action and his protagonists, a significant attention to the technology research and the constant ambition of exceeding their own limits.

Sector and sport: an alliance where the protagonist is a dynamic, strong and motivated man, but the main values as well: power and harmony, resistance and experience, courage and reliability, energy and loyalty. A consolidate combination which generates watches ready to welcome any kind of challenge.

The watches Sector No Limits, extremely technological and with an avant-garde design, interpret the sport`s philosophy as a performance, comparison, passion and loyalty. They also accompany the athletes most famous performance without forgetting who wants to be confident, dynamic and brave, who wishes to never stop, but searches for perfection and still keeps on running after his limit.

- M-One
- Race

- Winch Master
- Yacht Master
- Ocean Master
- Dive Master

- Centurion
- Mountain Master

- Compass

- Oversize
- 175
- 185

- 195

- 42195 Elegance
- 200
- 240

Vittorio Brumotti

- 300
- 340
- 890

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